Training & Development

Survey Masterclass

Our Masterclasses are for those practitioners who:

• wish to broaden and deepen their skills and knowledge in relation to the inspection and assessment of residential property, or;
• are progressing towards their qualification (e.g. TechRICS, APC/ATC, etc.)

The aim is to provide a realistic opportunity for you to develop your practical inspection skills and property knowledge.

The Context

Working mainly on their own, residential practitioners do not get a chance to 'compare notes' with their peers. Not only does this reduce the opportunity to reflect on practice, it may also allow inappropriate inspection procedures and judgements to develop. In addition, although 'classroom' based lifelong learning events can help build and consolidate your core knowledge, there is no substitute for putting your skills into practice. The BlueBox partners 'Masterclass' series provides you with this opportunity and so fills this training gap. The courses are structured to allow feedback not only from the course facilitators but also from the other course participants.


Survey Masterclass image 1

The structure of the Masterclass

The Masterclass is designed as a one-day course that will start at a property for which you arrange access. The participants (usually a maximum of 15 for health and safety reasons) carry out a full inspection in the morning. During this time, a member of the BlueBox partners team will be in attendance to provide comments and advice on inspection methodology and techniques and general advice and guidance on condition related issues.


After lunch, the group will return to an appropriate meeting room that you arrange and the group is split into small 'syndicates' and allocated specific tasks to complete. Each syndicate will then present the results of their deliberations to the rest of the class. Our experience shows this usually results in an afternoon of lively debate!

Who does what?

BlueBox partners will provide appropriate pre-course reference material, advice and support during the inspection and will facilitate the presentations in the afternoon. Our presenter will end the day by identifying the most important features of the inspection and indicate those aspects that should be emphasised in the report. You will organise access to the property, provide appropriate administrative support to the participants, arrange the catering provision and an appropriate meeting space.

More information

If you want to discuss the BlueBox partners’ Masterclass and get an idea of costs, please email us at and one of our directors will get back to you.

This course is available on request please ring the following number 01908 442212 for information on dates, venues and availability.