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Dampness in Residential Property

This is a very broad topic but we are currently focusing on two aspects; properly diagnosing the cause of ‘rising dampness’ and condensation.

Condensation problems in residential properties

According to the Building Research Establishment, dampness is the most common defect in housing and the most common cause of the dampness is condensation. The physical damage and health risks associated with this problem are often at the heart of legal disputes whether the dwelling is owned or rented. Not only is this upsetting for those involved, it is a waste of national resources.

Despite the importance and scale of this dampness problem, most residential practitioners and their clients are not satisfied with the way moisture related defects are identified and resolved. We think it is time for a change.

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We believe in ‘learning by doing’ where practitioners have an opportunity to work closely with their peers on realistic examples and case studies. BlueBox partners can organise intensive workshops designed for practitioners who want to deepen and broaden their knowledge so they can offer additional services and products to their clients. Our half-day workshop is designed to give non-specialist practitioners an overview of the problem and an insight into remedial work options. Our one-day course is aimed at those who want to develop their technical diagnostic skills by using data loggers and other innovative techniques to accurately identify the cause of the condensation problem.

Rising dampness - myth or reality?

When practitioners identify dampness defects, they commonly refer their clients to ‘specialists’ who investigate and attempt to solve the problem. Although many remedial treatment organisations do provide effective services, the industry is plagued with opportunists offering ‘quack’ remedies often supported by worthless guarantees. This wastes money and allows dampness to return and the resulting dissatisfaction can put everyone in court.

Developing a professional response

Although referrals to the ‘specialists’ can help protect a surveyor’s liability, the responsibility can no longer be passed on to others. Faced with reoccurring dampness problems, homeowners and tenants are just as likely to blame the person who recommended the specialist in the first place. When asked whether they have faith in the damp proofing industry, our experience shows most surveyors reply with a resounding ‘No’. Yet pick up any condition report on older housing and you will be able find a specialist referral in most of them. So why do we do it?

This seminar will challenge this dominate culture, this established paradigm. It aims to be provocative and challenging day that will help surveyors break out of this wasteful, vicious cycle.

This course is available on request please ring the following number 01908 442212 for information on dates, venues and availability.