Training & Development


Between them, the directors at BlueBox partners have written a number of technical books and developed a variety of training courses that aim to enhance a practitioner’s knowledge and expertise. We have refocused our training and development activities to provide three services:

CPD events

In association with the SAVA School of surveying we have a number of seminars and online course available. Visit our CPD events; to see the details of the courses. There individual hyperlinks that take you into the summary of the courses and you will find a telephone number for details of the courses, booking arrangements and next available dates.

Conferences, workshops and seminars to corporate clients and organised groups of practitioners

We are able to deliver all of our titles at your own event. This is not only restricted to the ‘corporates’; we are working with a growing number of small practices and informal networks of practitioners. If you provide a meeting space and look after the catering we can help you deliver cost effective training in your region.

Survey report assessment service

We can also help you assess the quality of your reports through our Survey Report Assessment Service.

If you would like any further information about the available courses please browse the relevant page via the navigation above or email us at

Workshop & Seminar Topics

We can deliver a range of topics at your own event. This can range from a one-hour seminar to a full day workshop on technical issues associated with residential property.

How it works

If you can organise a suitable meeting room, organise the catering, invite and administer the delegates, we will do the rest. Our charges will usually include:

  • a fixed daily rate;
  • photocopying costs (if you want us to arrange the handouts), and;
  • reasonable expenses (for example, travel costs, over night expenses if appropriate).

Depending on circumstances, the cost for each participant can be substantially less than commercially arranged events at regional centres.

Bespoke training

Although we offer a large number of standard topics, we will happily adjust them to suit your specific needs. This makes our events not only local and cheaper, but also very relevant.

Regional events

We are particularly keen to work with firms and groups of practitioners in the regions where the main conference providers do not provide a service.