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Survey Report Assessment Service

The Bluebox partners Survey Report Assessment Service for residential practitioners.

The RICS Home Surveys product range provides a range of services the residential practitioners can offer their clients. The Condition Report, HomeBuyer Report and the Building Survey have introduced the use of condition ratings and a fresh approach to report writing that makes these licensed products different from previous formats. The best way of making sure you are meeting the appropriate professional standards is to have one of your reports objectively evaluated. This will allow you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and make sure you serve future clients with confidence.

This is a ‘distance learning’ service so you can do this wherever and whenever you want. You will be able to set the time spent on this reflective process against your lifelong learning targets laid down by RICS. Although this will vary between individuals, we estimate that the ‘CPD’ value will be equivalent to a conventional one-day conference (say 6 hours). It is a bespoke, one-to-one service that will help you develop your own individual skills and knowledge in a way that is not possible at a conventional training event.

To help you do this, we offer three different types of assessment:

  • The Condition Report Assessment Service;
  • The HomeBuyer Report Assessment Service;
  • The Building Survey Assessment Service.

The costs of the service will vary according to the type of report:

  • Condition Report Assessment Service - £65.00 plus VAT
  • HomeBuyer Report Assessment Service - £90.00 plus VAT
  • Building Survey Assessment Service - £125.00 plus VAT
  • or Three reports for £250 plus VAT

What is included in this service?

Once you have registered and paid your fee, the Service will include the following components:

  • Guidance on what to submit as part of your assessment;
  • once received, one of the BBp directors will review your submission;
  • we will then send you a completed feedback and reflection report that identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  • An action plan for you to include in your lifelong learning strategy;
  • A BlueBox partners assessment certificate as evidence that you have completed the assessment package.

We think this is a proactive way to improve your skills and will help you become a ‘reflective practitioner’- an approach much in demand in our self-regulated profession. This service will also provide evidence to your insurers or any other body that needs to know that you are meeting best practice standards (see Valuation and Survey Desktop Review Service for the specific service).