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Rightmove Plus

Property sales data from 'Rightmove' at a price you can afford

Comparables hard to find? Afraid, that your valuation will be challenged because you can’t find the evidence?
In this litigious and competitive world one thing becomes clear: valuers must have good comparable evidence to support their decisions. If not, they are vulnerable to challenge. Many practitioners are not assembling robust evidence because they do not have easy access to the actual sales. To plug this gap, BlueBox partners has obtained a unique agreement with the country’s leading property portal, ‘Rightmove’. We are now able to offer access to archived property sales data at a price that is unbeatable anywhere else.

Archived property sales data can give a historic view of what has happened to a property over a period of time. It is also a useful factor in assessing how popular the residential area has been and gives confidence in valuation decisions. ‘Rightmove Plus’ presents this data in a way that gives a clear and transparent ‘audit trail’ and can help prove the valuer has followed a robust valuation methodology. This can help give a positive response to lenders enquiries and give peace of mind in these difficult and challenging times.

Rightmove comparable tool provides practitioners with selected comparables, usually giving their full address and more information together with the full transaction history back to the late 90’s. Each comparable has space for you to write notes and produce your own audit trail, which can then be produced as a separate report.

BlueBox partners can offer Rightmove Plus, which includes access to both the Surveyors Comparable tool and the Rightmove AVM. This offer available through BlueBox partners is for small firms and sole practitioners, and we think this tool is a “must have” for any valuer undertaking residential valuations.

Please note that the fee of £120 per month +VAT (per Practitioner/per office) covers access to archived data and the Surveyor's Comparable tool (15 free and then charged at £8.00+VAT per case for both Sales & Rentals). Rightmove AVM’s will incur a charge of £12.50+VAT per report for Sales only and £15.00+VAT per report for Sales and Rentals.

We offer a one week’s Free Trial with no requirement to buy so that you can try the system and ensure it fulfils your needs.

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