Why a desk top assessment

Chris Rispin has been reviewing Surveyors reports for more than 25 years and is well aware of the sensitivities around the subject. However, most Surveyors welcome someone else to bounce ideas off and a report assessment is nothing more than that. It’s the added value of another pair of eyes giving another opinion that might prevent an issue in the future. More importantly your PI insurers recommend it.

Valuation and Survey Desktop Review Service

The valuation and desktop review service assists those independent practitioners who do not have a colleague who can periodically assess their reports - a basic requirement of any quality control system that minimises risk. This goes some way to satisfying both regulators and clients and is now an accepted part of working life for many practitioners.

What is included in this service?

We will:

  • undertake periodic reviews of your work (for example, at least 3 reports over a 3-6 month period) once provided with scanned copies of your instruction, site notes, photos as well as the completed report;
  • send you a completed feedback and reflection report that identifies your strengths and any areas of vulnerability;
  • provide an action plan for you to include in your lifelong learning strategy and business planning process;
  • provide a BlueBox partners assessment certificate on completion of the review as evidence that you have met the required best practice standard.

Practitioners have already used this to help reduce PII premiums and in one case it enabled a practitioner get professional indemnity insurance where it had been previously refused. However, BlueBox partners can give no guarantees that this process will always deliver such outcomes.


We will review up to 3 residential reports, (for example, a Mortgage Valuation, a level 2 and/or a Building Survey, Expert report) for £250+VAT.

If you require your commercial report to be assessed then please let us know and we can make appropriate arrangements.

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