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Diagnosis of "Difficult to Solve" Building Defects

Is your property suffering from a building defect?

If the answer is yes, then you are not on your own. According to the Government’s own statistics ( in The English House Condition Survey, 2006), over 1.7 million homes in England and Wales have a ‘serious’ repair problem.

An independent diagnostic service

Based on many years of experience, BlueBox partners have developed a comprehensive diagnostic service for property owners. Coordinated by Phil Parnham, a Chartered Building Surveyor, the latest research and techniques are used to accurately identify the cause of all types of building defects found in residential buildings. BlueBox partners offer three types of service:

LEVEL ONE SERVICE - This is based on a visual survey that is 'non-invasive'. We do not lift carpets and floorboards, or look into concealed spaces, or use specialised testing techniques. In most cases we can identify the cause of the problem. However, because many parts of the property remain out of sight, further investigations may occasionally be required.

LEVEL TWO SERVICE - This is a more detailed investigation that uses 'invasive' techniques. For example, we may have to lift carpets and floorboards, take off skirting boards and in some cases, knock holes in parts of your property. Some of this work we can do ourselves but occasionally we will use a builder. Although this is more expensive than a level one report, and may disturb part of the dwelling, it will usually identify the precise cause of the defect so cost effective repair work can be organised.

LEVEL THREE SERVICE - This level of service is usually associated with legal disputes. It will be very thorough and often use specialised testing techniques.

Getting the work done

Identifying the cause of a building defect is just the first step; finding a contractor to carry out the work to a satisfactory standard is the next. BlueBox partners offer a variety of additional services that can help to reduce the stress of getting the repairs done:

• Providing you with a detailed specification of the work and materials that are required;
• Obtaining fixed quotations from a range of appropriate contractors;
• Advising you on what sort of contract to use, and;
• Inspecting the work to make sure it is done in accordance with the original contract.

Please contact our office for details of our fees.

Geographical coverage

BlueBox partners offer a nationwide diagnostic service from our offices Bristol, Stafford, Kings Lynn and Sheffield. Helping you to get the work done is currently limited to South Yorkshire and the surrounding regions.

For more information about the service we offer, please contact the BlueBox office on info@blueboxpartners.com or phone us on 01908 442212.