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Practitioner Support Services

Small and medium sized practices play a vital role in the property sector, but it is increasingly difficult to keep up to date with all the requirements set by corporate and regulatory bodies. In the age of litigation, regulation and specialisation, BlueBox partners can help you navigate the stormy waters by helping you:

  • Maintain best practice;
  • Protect your professional credibility, and;
  • Cope with the huge amounts of available data and information.

We are moving away from the concept of the ‘general practice surveyor’ as we can no longer maintain the detailed knowledge required to avoid litigation and the wrath of the regulators. Consequently, our services are designed to help those sole traders and smaller practices manage the increasing complexity of professional life.

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Survey Report Assessment Service

Valuation and Survey Desktop Review

Rightmove Plus


Typing Services

Mapping and Envrionmental services Promap


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