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Forensic Valuation Analysis

Forensic assessments of valuations take two forms:

The assessment of a specific valuation by reference to comparable evidence

This is a preliminary examination of a valuation and the supporting evidence supplied by a valuer; this can be done for audit purposes or a preliminary expert assessment to determine if a case is worth pursuing, prices start at £110+VAT. We will provide an objective brief report setting down our findings based on a comparable analysis, with pictures and brief summary of comparables that should have been available at the time of the original inspection together with a comment on whether these support the valuation. We will also give an indication of the relative risk of the valuation by assessing the appropriate tolerance.

Portfolio Assessment of a number of valuations

This is a more strategic review to be undertaken when a corporate client or insurer wishes to assess the risk of a sole practitioner or surveying company either to supply work or include for a Professional Indemnity Insurance proposal.

What Forensic assessment entails

We will undertake a combination of the following services dependent upon the specific requirements:

  • Review of site notes and other information on file
  • Desk top investigation of comparables provided and those available to support a valuation
  • Review of report by reference to best practice, original terms of engagement, regulatory requirements and any other appropriate guidance.
  • Comparison to other valuer profiles and benchmarks.
  • Sampling of large portfolios to identify key areas of vulnerability.

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