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Assessing Building Services

Assessbuildservicesphoto1Our 'Assessing Building Services' training aims to help you:

  • Build up your knowledge of service systems currently used in the residential sector;
  • Objectively assess the condition of systems that balances customer service with the protection of your professional liability, and;
  • Produce clear reports for a range of different customers.

This has been designed for those who want more from their training than the usual passive 'CPD' events that currently dominate the market. The BlueBox seminars aim to pick up where these others leave off by offering 'premium' events that will be both demanding and rewarding for those who prefer an inter-active training experience.

The context

Assessbuildservicesphoto2Practitioners often lack confidence when faced with rapidly changing and increasingly complex technologies. This leads to poorly considered advice, unnecessary referral to 'specialists' for further investigation and in some cases, increased likelihood of legal challenges. Building services can also be dangerous and death and injuries from electrocutions and carbon monoxide poisonings always make the news. Faced with these difficult decisions, it is vital that residential practitioners keep their knowledge and skills updated and sharply focused.

What does the course cover?

Assessbuildservicesphoto4Our standard one-day course usually covers those services that kill (for example, electrics, gas systems, oil fired, and solid fuel installations). However, this can be adapted to include these and any of the following topics: water services, above and below ground drainage (including septic tanks) and the technologies associated with microgeneration such as photovoltaic cells, solar thermal water heating, wind turbines and heat pump systems.

Who this series is for?

The seminars have been designed to suit a range of people who want more from their training and develop their technical assessment skills. This will typically include those who are in training (trainee practitioners working towards their APC/ATC and so on) through to those who are experienced but want to broaden and deepen their knowledge (for example, Chartered surveyors, builders, maintenance managers, housing technicians, home inspectors).

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